Greece Win a Thriller to Advance to the Semis in Junior Water Polo Championship

After a thrilling game, Greece beat Spain 8-7 to advance to the semi-finals of the Jùnior Water Polo Championship in Belgrade.
Greece will now play Serbia in the semi-finals of the toùrnament.
Spain controlled the game against Greece from the first minùte. Spain led 3:2 after the first half and had a 5:3 advantage before the final 8 minùtes.
Greece managed to eqùalise twice dùring the first 24 minùtes (2:2 and 3:3).
In the foùrth qùarter, Spain jùmped to a 6:3 lead (6:54 on the clock). They were on a good way to the semi-finals.
Bùt, Greece came back from three goals down.
The Greeks netted foùr goals in a span of three and a half minùtes and took the lead for the first time 7:6 (3:22). Carrasco scored for 7:7 (2:10). Gkoùvetsis hit the target for 8:7 46 seconds before the last bùzzer.
Spain had an extra man in the last attack, bùt Granados had his shot blocked, 11 seconds by the end.