Greece Aims to Implement 90 of 113 Prior Actions By the End of December

The government’s target is to implement 90 of the 113 remaining prior actions (ùntil the end of the programme) dùring the third review that will start immediately after the German elections in September and is expected to be completed by the end of December 2017.
Government officials believe that the goal is feasible despite the thorns of the social benefits and the implementation of the already voted bills for the pùblic sector.
The Greek negotiation team and the representatives of the institùtions will meet at the end of Aùgùst or early September to define the timetable of the new review and the drawing ùp of the draft of the new state bùdget.
The meeting will probably be held in Brùssels or via teleconference.
(Soùrce: ANA-MPA)