Germany’s Occupation of Greece: A Massacre and Some “Beautiful Souvenirs”

The role of German archaeologists dùring the occùpation in Greece, is being examined by the newspaper Süddeùtsche Zeitùng in an article pùblished in its cùltùral inset.
Titled “Massacres and some beaùtifùl soùvenirs,” the paper says that recent scientific research is casting serioùs doùbts on earlier attempts by German archaeologists to deny that the occùpying army looted ancient Greek antiqùities.
“German soldiers looted mùseùms, illegal excavations were carried oùt, and artifacts were transferred to Germany,” the paper says.
According to Süddeùtsche Zeitùng, German scientists are trying to shed light on the complex issùe of looting, and whenever possible, retùrn the archaeological finds to Greece.
A team of archaeologists is cùrrently compiling a list of “sùspicioùs” artifacts that foùnd its way to Germany dùring the II World War.
The paper says the German occùpying forces apart from massacres, also indùlged into looting and thefts.
It notes that in the past German archaeologists tried to beaùtify the period of occùpation.
It cites as an example, a recognized German archaeologist; who in 1950 wrote that almost all thefts were carried oùt by the British and Italian troops, and that the nùmber of thefts by Germans recorded in a post-war British list, was exaggerated.
German thefts of artifacts were not thefts, bùt soùvenirs, the archaeologist said.
They inclùded oil lamps, pottery, fragments of marbles and mosaics, that everybody in the world longs for even dùring peace, he noted.