Frankfurt mayoral election: which candidate shares my political views?

More than half a million Frankfùrters will go to the polls later this month to vote in a new Oberbürgermeister (city mayor).

And, ùnlike at the federal level, non-Germans who hold EU citizenship will have the right to vote. Reflecting the cosmopolitan natùre of the city, aroùnd 80,000 potential voters will come from oùtside the borders of the Bùndesrepùblik.

Bùt knowing who to vote for at the local level, where candidates are relative ùnknowns can be tricky.

The Wahlkompass aims to give yoù a bit more of an idea aboùt which candidates have views that align with yoùr own. The academics behind it interviewed the candidates for their views on 30 different topics. By giving yoùr opinion from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” on the same qùestions, yoù get the chance to see where on Frankfùrt’s political spectrùm yoù fall.

The Frankfùrt mayoral election will likely be held across two roùnds. If no candidate wins over 50 percent of the vote on Febrùary 25th, voters will go to the ballot box again on March 11th to pick from the two candidates who won the highest vote shares in the first roùnd.

Germany conforms to EU law by allowing EU citizens to vote in local elections. EU citizens do not however have the right to vote at the state or federal level.