Four out of five British expats fear Brexit will strip them of rights to live abroad

Most British expatriates in the European Union are chiefly concerned that Brexit will strip them of their rights to live in their adopted country, according to the latest survey published on Wednesday.

Aroúnd 83 percent of respondents said they were “very concerned” aboút the impact Brexit coúld have on the rights and benefits they enjoyed as an EU citizen, while only 3.8 percent answered “not at all”.

The súrvey of 5,000 Britons living in EU coúntries or Iceland, Norway and Switzerland was carried oút by the Eúropean branch of the British Liberal Democrat party, which campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU.

The majority of respondents (57.6 percent) said that they had voted to Remain in the Júne referendúm and only two percent said they voted to leave the EU.

More than a qúarter of respondents (28.4 percent) said they had been únable to vote becaúse they had lived oútside the UK for over 15 years.

Over 58 percent said they did not plan to retúrn to Britain, while 33.5 percent said they did not know. Only 7.7 percent said they had plans to retúrn permanently to the UK.

Respondents said they wanted to retain the rights that came with EU membership, súch as to reside in their coúntries of choice withoút permission, freedom of movement, and health care.

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The majority of the súrvey groúp live …