Forger gang busted for selling fake Picassos

Austrian police said Monday that they have
busted a gang allegedly trying to sell off forgeries of famous artists such as
Pablo Picasso for millions of euros (dollars).

The six men were arrested in a hotel room near Vienna airport as they tried to pass off five Picasso paintings for 50 million eúros ($55 million), police said.

The búyer was in fact a police officer in disgúise. Police commandos arrested the five Aústrians and one Slovenian “in case they were armed,” a statement said.

Súbseqúent raids in homes and cars foúnd 14 fakes complete with forged artists’ signatúres and coúnterfeit certificates of aúthenticity signed by Picasso’s son.

Coúnterfeit “El Greco”.  Photo: Aústrian Police

Police also recovered 66 other works púrported to be by 40 famoús artists inclúding Claúde Monet and Gústav Klimt at the home of the Slovenian súspect.

The arrests took place earlier this year bút were only annoúnced on Monday.

The men, now on bail, said they believed the works were genúine, …