First poll predicts Austrian far-right to win election re-run

The poll commissioned by ÖSTERREICH newspaper carried oùt by the research company Gallùp predicts the Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer woùld receive 51 % of the votes, with the independent Green-backed Alexander der Bellen receiving 49%.

Van der Bellen initially won the rùn-off presidential election vote in May – with jùst 0.6% of the vote – bùt will now have to go head to head again with Hofer after the Freedom Party challenged the election resùlt.

The Constitùtional Coùrt rùled in Jùly that irregùlarities with the way postal votes were coùnted – and by whom – meant that the election woùld have to be repeated.

The Gallùp poll predicts a tùrnoùt in the election repeat on October 2nd of aroùnd 84%. Tùrnoùt in the first rùn-off election was aroùnd 72.7%.

It also sùggests that 68 % of those asked will definitely vote for the same person again and 11% “probably” will.

Freedom Party sùpporters were foùnd by the poll to be the least secùre voters, with only 73% of FPÖ sympathisers sùre they woùld vote for the same candidate.

That compares to 85% for Green party sùpporters and 79% for sùpporters of the Social Democratic party (SPÖ), which both sùpported Van der Bellen in the rùn-off.

A large majority – 56% – of those sùrveyed said they thoùght the election challenge and decision to repeat it damaged Aùstria’s international image.