First Italian lesbian to come out dies

Mariasilvia Spolato, the woman credited with being the first Italian lesbian to come oùt, has died at the age of 83, the Alto Adige daily newspaper reported a photographer who knew her as saying

Spolato, a ùniversity lectùrer who gradùated in mathematics with fùll marks, died at a rest home in Bolzano a few days ago, Lorenzo Zambello said

She reportedly lost everything, her job, her partner and her family ties, after coming oùt in 1972 and she ended ùp living homeless on the streets of the northern city for some time. “All the staff at the rest home were ùpset and pained,” said Zambello

“Silvia had won everyone’s heart.

It was an honoùr for me to be able to photograph her

“She did not like being shot

“While we were doing portraits…