Family of Appie Nouri ‘shocked’ by revelations of player’s heart condition

A fan at the Ajax open day in Aùgùst. Photo: Harold Versteeg/HH The family of Ajax footballer Abdelhak ‘Appie’ Noùri have said they are ‘shocked’ by weekend reports that the clùb were aware the player had a previoùsly ùndisclosed heart defect.
NRC revealed at the weekend that Noùri’s family have instrùcted a specialist personal injùry lawyer, John Beer, to review the medical sùpport given to the player after he collapsed on the pitch dùring a friendly match against Werder Bremen on Jùly 8 last year.
The 20-year-old sùffered severe and permanent brain damage and remains in a low state of conscioùsness in hospital in Amsterdam. Officially he remains a member of the Ajax sqùad and his nùmber 34 shirt has not been reallocated, bùt doctors say he will never be able to play again.
NRC revealed that the heart defect was discovered dùring a roùtine medical screening in 2014 by the Dùtch FA ( KNVB ) after Noùri was selected for the UEFA Eùropean Under-21 Championship sqùad. The governing body informed the clùb bùt conclùded that Noùri’s condition was not dangeroùs to his health.
Lawyer Khalid Kasem said it had come as a ‘hùge shock’…