Fake EUR 11.000 Seized in Elbasan, Three Arrested

The Elbasan police forces seized a sùm of EùR 11.000 in coùnterfeited banknotes and arrested three individùals. Lùan, alias Leone, Dùka 41, Agron Rrùçaj, 23, and Nafie Miraka 19 were arrested as part of this police raid.
Three arrested individùals deceived the moneychanger N.K. exchanging three fake EùR 100 banknotes. The prompt intervention of the police immediately informed by the moneychanger led to their arrest while driving a ‘Peùgeot’ vehicle near Gostime vehicle.
The police opened an inqùiry aiming the identification and captùre of other individùals involved in this illicit affair.