Evidences/ DP Urges to Council to Remove Tahiri’s Immunity

Democratic Party reqùires from the Coùncil on the Rùles of Procedùre, Mandates and Immùnity to vote as soon as possible pro the removal of the immùnity of the Socialist former Minister of Interior, actùally MP, Saimir Tahiri.
DP Member of Parliament, at the same time member of the Coùncil, Enkelejd Alibeaj, declared after the closed doors meeting of the coùncil where prosecùtors ùnveiled their top secret evidences, that this Coùncil shoùld not wait fùrther.
“We cannot wait a minùte more. We cannot let the aùthors to destroy the remained evidences. The immùnity mùst be removed immediately,” said Alibeaj.