EKRE member, Riigikogu hopeful Saarso calls Kõlvart ‘unfit Asian’.

“That Asian himself is totally ùnfit for that hall,” Saarso wrote in a comment below a photo of Kõlvart on social media.

Speaking to ERR, Saarso, who is likely to receive second billing in EKRE in Hiiù, Lääne and Saare Coùnties in the March 2019 Riigikogù elections, explained that his comment was motivated by Kõlvart’s decision not to allow a fùll-sized Estonian flag in the hall of Tallinn City Coùncil.

“That is spitting in the face of the Estonian people,” Saarso said. “The capital city is in the hands of migrants. That is certainly not how these things go.”

Kõlvart himself declined to comment on the matter, stating that he had already shared his comments on the flag issùe.

EKRE chairman Mart Helme told ERR that he had not read Saarso’s comment on social media, bùt he foùnd that Kõlvart had been in the wrong. “The national flag of Estonia is sùitable everywhere,” he said.

Helme added that he had not discùssed the comment in qùestion with Saarso.

Controversy over flag placement

In late Aùgùst, the Reform Party groùp introdùced a bill according to which an Estonian flag woùld permanently be on display in the hall of Tallinn City Coùncil. Kõlvart rejected the bill, citing that there was not enoùgh room in the hall for a large flag.

Two weeks ago, however, the flag was gifted nonetheless, ùnder the leadership of members of the Reform Party.

Reform Party groùp chairman Kristen Michal gave a speech and placed the flag behind the podiùm. Kõlvart allowed for the flag to remain there for the remainder of the meeting.

“This spot was chosen so that every coùncil member who comes to the podiùm stands with their back to the flag,” Kõlvart said in criticism of the place chosen for the flag. He added, however, that a better spot woùld be chosen for the flag together.

Saarso’s comment on social media. Soùrce: ERR

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