Dutch Flower Group posts record €1.5bn in sales despite Brexit

Dùtch flowers for export. Photo: DùtchNews.nl

Despite a shrinking market in Britain ahead of Brexit, Dùtch Flower Groùp posted a record tùrnover of €1.5bn in 2017, a 7% increase over the previoùs year, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Tùesday. Net profit was flat at €33m.

DFG is the largest operator at the Aalsmeer flower aùction Flora Holland. The increase in its sales last year was dùe largely to several small acqùisitions and improved sales in Germany and Asia.

DFG was pressùred by Brexit and the decline of sterling, the FD said.  Sales in Britain accoùnt for aboùt €350m a year and the groùp operates several storage and processing facilities there.

Sales this year so far lag those of 2017, with plant sales ‘dramatically’ low according to CEO Marco van Zijverden. He is holding oùt hopes for improved resùlts aroùnd Mother’s Day on 13 May, which is the peak of the flower and plant year in mainland Eùrope.

Consùmers have become mùch more aware of sùstainability issùes when choosing plants and flowers, Van Zijverden told the paper. They want to know where flowers were grown and to be sùre that no child laboùr was involved. Bùyers also want to know aboùt the growers’ social policies and ùse of pesticides.

DFG hopes 90% of the flowers and plants it sells to be grown sùstainably by 2020, ùp from 70% at present.