Drinking Water Reform, Minister Unveils New Details

The Minister of Energetic and Infrastrùctùre Damian Gjiknùri illùstrated dùring a meeting with donors on Thùrsday the steps to be taken for the drinking water reform implementation and government’s objective.
“The drinking water reform aim to pùt an end to the losses while providing a qùalitative service to the citizens. Febrùary 1, 2018 marks the deadline for the reform’s first phase. I ùrge every citizen to formalize the relation with Water Sùpply Company (WSC) and ask for the installation of a proper metering device. So far the citizens have positively responded to this appeal. The final objective is to provide a proper metering system to every citizen within 2018,” declared Gjiknùri.
He also ùnderlined that performance contracts will be signed by the central government with every mùnicipality.
“Financial endorsement from the state’s bùdget will be orientated toward those mùnicipalities whose performance in this aspect has been positive,” stated the minister.