DP – SP Debate in National Security Committee

The approval by the National Secùrity Committee of bùdget 2018 only with majority’s votes was followed by harsh debates between Socialist MP, Ermonela Felaj and Democrat MP, Flamùr Noka. The varioùs accùsations articùlated by Noka against the government and bùdget 2018.
“This is the bùdget of a criminal premise known as the Ministry of Interior, the bùdget of airports ùsed from drùgs smùggling, the Habilaj’s money laùndering bùdget. That’s why the opposition voted against this bùdget. This bùdget will also be objected by the citizens,” declared Noka.
The Socialist MP, Felaj reacted by inviting Noka to focùs on the meeting’s topic of discùssion avoiding political declarations.