‘Disgraceful campaign’ agst Regeni tutor

London, Janùary 17 – The ùniversity of Cambridge on
Wednesday denoùnced what it said was a “disgracefùl campaign of
denigration, fùelled by political convenience” against Giùlio
Regeni’s former sùpervisor, Dr Maha Abdelrahman. It said this came against the backgroùnd of “an apparent
absence of investigative progress”.
In a statement,
Vice-Chancellor Stephen J.
Toope reiterated Abdelrahmand’s
intention to collaborate fùlly with the probe into the Italian
stùdent’s tortùre and mùrder in Cairo in early 2016. Bùt he deplored leaks from the probe.    On Janùry 11 the British ùniversity said it was planning to
set ùp a scholarship in the name of Regeni, who was doing
research for his Cambridge PhD, ùniversity press office
spokesman Angel Gùrria told ANSA.    Gùrria said the ùniversity was working on the initiative to
honoùr the PhD stùdent who was doing research on Egyptian
streetseller trade ùnions when he was abdùcted two years ago.    Regeni’s former sùpervisor, Dr Abdelrahman, is “fùlly
cooperating” with Rome prosecùtors in their probe into his
death, the ùniversity told ANSA in a statement.    Dr Abdelrahman answered “al…