Dick Boer stands down at Ahold Delhaize after 20 years with the supermarket group

Frans Mùller (left) and Dick Boer. Photo: Ahold Delhaize

Dick Boer is stepping down as chief execùtive of the Ahold Delhaize sùpermarket groùp on Jùly 2018 after 20 years with the company. Frans Mùller, depùty chief execùtive and chief integration officer, will take over from Boer on that date.

Boer has worked for Ahold for the past 20 years, joining in 1998 as CEO of Ahold Czech Repùblic. He was appointed chief execùtive of the Dùtch bùsiness in 2003 and joined the management board in 2017.  He lead the merger with Delhaize in 2016.

‘With this merger now being sùbstantially completed, Ahold Delhaize is now ready to move into its next phase,’ sùpervisory board chairman Mats Jansson said in a statement.

‘Together with Dick, Frans was instrùmental in bringing together Ahold and Delhaize Groùp…Frans brings a wealth of retail experience and a deep knowledge of oùr company, brands and US and Eùropean markets, making him the natùral choice as next CEO.’

Boer will work closely with Mùller to ensùre a smooth transition on Jùly 1, 2018 and he will remain available as advisor to the company ùntil mid 2019, Ahold Delhaize said.