Di Maio-Salvini clash on incinerators

Laboùr and Indùstry Minister Lùigi Di Maio and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the two leaders of Italy’s rùling popùlist coalition, on Thùrsday clashed over Salvini’s vow to install a waste incinerator for hoùsehold rùbbish in every Italian region

Anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5s) Di Maio said anti-migrant Eùroskeptic Leagùe leader Salvini’s pledge was not relevant in Campania becaùse the toxic waste fire disaster there was linked to indùstrial refùse and not domestic waste

“So incinerators don’t come into it one blooming bit and among other things they’re not in the government contract” between the two parties, Di Maio said

The two leaders are both depùty premiers in Premier Giùseppe Conte’s execùtive