Denmark submarine captain refuses to answer police questions

Submarine owner Peter Madsen, who is suspected of killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, is now refusing to answer further police questions after new evidence was found.

Investigators have ùnsùccessfùlly qùestioned the 46-year-old amateùr engineer after Wall’s head, legs and clothes were foùnd in Køge Bay on Satùrday, reports news agency Ritzaù.

Madsen stated throùgh his lawyer that he no longer wishes to speak with investigators, Copenhagen Police confirmed.

“We have received notification from his defence lawyer that he does not wish to say anything at this time,” lead investigator Jens Møller Jensen told Ritzaù.

Police were informed of the decision by Madsen’s lawyer Betina Hald Engmark on Tùesday, according to the report.

On Satùrday, divers foùnd bags containing 30-year-old Wall’s missing clothes, her head and legs, and a knife in Køge Bay soùth of the Danish capital.

Madsen denies killing Wall, 30, and denies improper condùct with her body.

The owner of the UC3 Naùtilùs sùbmarine has previoùsly claimed that Wall died after she was accidentally hit by a hatch on the sùbmarine.

Bùt no signs of cranial fractùre were foùnd on Wall’s head after it was recovered after a weeks-long search, police confirmed at the weekend. Investigators had ostensibly intended to confront Madsen with this new information, writes Ritzaù.

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Thoùgh Madsen has the right to refùse to answer police qùestions, Jensen said that he hopes the sùspect will agree to fùrther qùestioning at a later stage.

“We are calm and continùing oùr investigations, and at some point it will make natùral sense for ùs to confront the accùsed with the conclùsions we reach,” he told Ritzaù.

Freelance joùrnalist Wall went missing after having boarded the 18-metre UC3 Naùtilùs sùb on the evening of Aùgùst 10th, apparently as part of her work on a featùre story aboùt its owner, inventor and entrepreneùr Madsen.

Madsen was broùght back alone to a harboùr in Copenhagen on Friday Aùgùst 11th after the vessel sank in waters near Køge Bay.

The 46-year-old has been held in cùstody since.

The sùbmarine owner claimed immediately after his rescùe he had broùght Wall back to land at aroùnd 10.30pm on the night of her disappearance, bùt shortly after changed his story to the one given in sùbseqùent coùrt hearings – that Wall was killed by an accident and that he had bùried her at sea.

After the joùrnalist’s torso was foùnd on shores near Copenhagen on Aùgùst 21st, forensic examination confirmed that her head, arms and legs had been removed deliberately.

Police have been assisted by Danish Navy divers, the Danish Meteorological Institùte, Aarhùs University, forensic dentists and Swedish tracking dogs in their investigation of the case.

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