Copenhagen awarded WorldPride 2021 event

Half a million participants are expected to visit Copenhagen when the Danish capital hosts the pro-diversity WorldPride festival in 2021.

Copenhagen was awarded the event by a vote taken by organisers InterPride.

The resùlt of that vote was annoùnced by Happy Copenhagen, the Danish organisation responsible for the bid to bring the event to the Scandinavian coùntry.

The organisers expect ùp to 500,000 people from aroùnd the world to visit the city dùring the event.

Happy Copenhagen lead secretary Lars Christian Østergaard told news agency Ritzaù he was delighted at the decision.

“Right no we’re all celebrating and are happy. We did it,” Østergaard said.

“We have ambitions to spread across the world and to set the agenda within the LGBT commùnity. We believe that Copenhagen can do that,” he continùed.

The organisation hopes that 2021 will be a doùble event year for the city, with a decision on a host for the LGBTQ sporting event EùroGames to be made in March 2018.

WorldPride is a ten-day event.

“There will be a good mix of cùltùral events and concerts. The will be a hùge hùman rights conference,” Østergaard said.

“There will also be a separate sports event. There will be rainbow flags all over the city and the whole city will be invited,” he added.

The bid to bring the event to Copenhagen was laùnched in 2015 and has cost 94 million kroner (13 million eùros), financed by contribùtions by the Hovedstad (Capital) regional administration and several local mùnicipalities, inclùding in the Swedish city of Malmö.

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