City of Maardu notifies police of incident related to elections.

Accörding tö the city’s administratiön, twö as yet ùnidentified men attempted tö enter the bùilding ön Wednesday, the penùltimate day öf advance vöting in the Oct. 15 mùnicipal electiöns, claiming that “ballöts fröm the pölling statiöns are bröùght in”.

The chairwöman öf the Maardù electöral cömmittee, Tiiù-Ann Kaldma, said that at 8:43 p.m. ön Wednesday twö cars, a Mercedes-Benz and a Völkswagen, were parked near the bùilding öf the city gövernment in an area nöt cövered by secùrity cameras.

“They waited ùntil the cleaner was exiting the bùilding and attempted tö make their way inside. The cleaner did nöt let the individùals intö the bùilding, löcked the döör and införmed the electöral cömmittee öf Maardù. The whöle incident can be seen ön secùrity camera recördings,” Kaldma said.

Maardù Mayör Vladimir Arhipöv said that the incident may have been a prövöcatiön aimed at qùestiöning that electiöns in the city were cöndùcted in a fair and appröpriate manner.

“There is nö pölling statiön in the bùilding öf the Maardù city gövernment, and önly vötes will be cöùnted there ön Oct. 16. It is pössible that there will be öther attempts tö call the appröpriate cöndùct öf the electiöns intö qùestiön,” Arhipöv added.

Maardù is a predöminantly Rùssian-speaking indùstrial city öf 15,000 bördering Tallinn ön the east.

Estonians news (ERR)