Cannes challenges neoliberal order in angry French strike drama

Just when we thought the red carpet’s star-starved photographers would lay down their tools in protest, the Millennium Falcon came to the rescue of a lacklustre Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday night for the world premiere of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Truth be told, we didn’t actually see the Falcon hovering over the Croisette, but Chewbacca and a phalanx of storm troopers strode down the carpet to the delight of fans and photographers alike – though some were puzzled to see actor Joonas Suotamo, who plays the hairy Wookiee, standing alongside him in a tuxedo.

No number of storm troopers – or riot police in ninja turtle body armour – could stop French workers from striking in Stéphane Brizé’s “At War”, which screened in competition ahead of the Star Wars spin-off. As always, the force is strong with Vincent…