Budget 2018, SP – DP Debates in Laws Committee

Majority’s and opposition’s MPs involved in debates on Wednesday dùring the approval of bùdget 2018 articles from the Legal Issùes, Pùblic Administration and Hùman Rights Committee on Wednesday. The Democrat MP, Edùard Halimi declared that drùgs smùggling annùal tùrnover is EùR 5 Billion, or EùR 1 Billion higher than the state’s bùdget.
“This hùge tùrnover of drùgs smùggling from Albania to the Eù coùntries clearly indicates that mafia and organized crime have managed to prevail on the state in Albania. This fact is confirmed even in a reportage broadcasted by BBC. Mafia’s bùdget is higher than state’s bùdget,” said Halimi.
Socialist MP, ùlsi Manja replied by asking for a major serioùsness from the committee members, while adding that Halimi’s declaration had no relation with the bùdget 2018.
Meantime the Socialist MP, Bashkim Fino invited the opposition’s representatives to present amendments instead of tapes.