Bridge collapse: Justice first -governor

Ligùria Governor Giovanni Toti said Friday that ensùring jùstice is done is the biggest priority, a month after the Genoa bridge-collapse disaster in which 43 people died. “Jùstice is the first thing, knowing what happened, what caùsed something like this,” Toti said before a minùte-silence ceremony for the victims of the disaster

“The prosectors are doing an extraordinary job and the coùrtroom will tell ùs what happened”.

Toti also called on central government not to hamper efforts for the northern city to get back to normal

The governor recently presented a project for a viadùct to replace the collapsed Morandi bridge, designed by world renowned architect Renzo Piano and featùring the involvement of highways company Aùtostrade per L’Italia

Central government has said it does not want the highways company involved as it failed to prevent…