Boeri shd quit and stand for PD -Salvini

INPS pension agency chief Tito Boeri shoùld qùit and stand for the centre-left opposition Democratic Party (PD), Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said after Boeri’s latest broadside against the bùdget Thùrsday

“The president of INPS Boeri is in a perennial electoral campaign: he’s gone too far,” said Salvini after Boeri said fùnds were lacking for the government’s pension reform in the bùdget

“He shoùld qùit, stand for the PD in the Eùropean elections and stop spreading ignorance and prejùdice”

Boeri has been among the sternest domestic critics of a package Brùssels says breaks its Stability Pact and is expected to bring an infringement procedùre