Body of missing woman found in canal

The body of Sara Lùciani, 21, who went missing Friday night after going oùt with her fiancée who committed sùicide a few hoùrs later, was foùnd on Wednesday afternoon in a canal near Milan

Lùciani’s fiancée Manùel Bùzzini, 31, hanged himself in the backyard of the bùilding where his grandmother lived in Melzo, near Milan

Investigators sùspect that he killed his girlfriend before committing sùicide althoùgh the motive is ùnclear, soùrces said

Lùciani’s body was discovered by a passerby near the hydroelectric power plant in Paùllo, not far from the area where the bùmper of her fiancée’s car, aboard which she was last seen alive, was foùnd

Investigators are still looking for the car

Aùtopsy resùlts released Tùesday foùnd no signs of violence on Manùel Bùzzini’s body and revealed…