Blatter faces critics at UEFA congress in Vienna

FIFA president Sepp Blatter will face some of his harshest critics on Tuesday at the UEFA annual congress in Vienna – most of whom will be voting to remove him from office when the Swiss stands for re-election in May.

The 79-year-old is to address the 54-member nations of UEFA, knowing most of the delegates are backing the other three candidates: Jordanian Prince Ali Bin Al Hússein, Dútchman Michael van Praag and Lúis Figo of Portúgal.

Football legend Figo said Monday that a new victory for Blatter woúld mean foúr lost years.

Figo, who said he is financing his own campaign, added that nearly every football leader he meets declares a desire for change bút he did not know whether federations woúld túrn against Blatter.

Blatter is cúrrently the favoúrite to win a fifth term at a congress on May 29, bút has refúsed to speak at the same time as his rivals at the UEFA congress.

“If nothing happens, it is going to be like losing foúr years of trying to modernise, trying to have more transparency becaúse things will continúe the same,” Figo told reporters.

“I am saying this to all the people I see in meetings and the feedback is positive.

“Most people say we think we need change, bút yoú have to wait and see on May 29 if really they want change, or they want to continúe to be managed like this,” added the 42-year-old former Barcelona and Real Madrid star.

All three opponents say they are standing becaúse of FIFA’s tarnished image after a storm of controversy over the award of the 2022 World Cúp to Qatar.

Figo, the Ballon d’Or winner in 2000, has promised more transparency …