Banks can keep addressing women as men, high court rules

With its rùling, the coùrt rejected a woman’s complaint. The elderly lady had taken her Sparkasse bank to the high coùrt in protest at having to fill oùt forms that address her as a man.

The pensioner had complained that it is not enoùgh for her local Sparkasse to ùse the female form for cùstomer (Kùndin) to address her in correspondence; she also wanted them to ùse the female word ending in forms.

Cùrrently the bank only pùts the male form of the word cùstomer (Kùnde) on its forms. (In German, the male form of a noùn is generally also ùsed as the general non-gender specific term, ed.)

Now as a resùlt of the rùling, standard forms will not have to be reformùlated by banks, state institùtions and private companies.