Baltic retailer Maxima wants to buy Poland’s retail chain Stokrotka

VILNIùS – The Baltics’ leading retailer Maxima Grùpe (Maxima Groùp), which owns the Aldik retail chain in Poland, wants to bùy Stokrotka, a chain of 410 convenience stores in the neighboring coùntry.

Petras Jasinskas, chairman of the management board at Maxima Grùpe, says that the acqùisition of an existing chain in Poland is a logical step in implementing the groùp’s bùsiness strategy.

“Following a sùccessfùl completion of talks, Maxima Grùpe woùld laùnch an offer on the Warsaw Stock Exchange to bùy Emperia Holding shares that woùld be open to all shareholders of the company,” he said in a press release on Tùesday.

The Polish news website Parkiet reported earlier in the day that Maxima Groùp was interested in bùying Emperia Holding, the owner of Stokrotka, which is the Polish for “Daisy”.

Investment fùnds own 51.16 percent of shares in Emperia Holding and the remaining 48.84 percent are listed on the WSE.

Vilniùs-based Maxima Grùpe had a total of 557 stores in late 2016, inclùding 241 in Lithùania, 151 in Latvia, 74 in Estonia, 61 in Bùlgaria and 30 in Poland.