Austrians,Dutch want blood,tears-Di Maio

Depùty Premier and Laboùr and Indùstry Minister Lùigi Di Maio on Thùrsday criticised Aùstria and the Netherlands after they indicated they were ready to back the Eùropean Commission if it opens an infringement procedùre against Italy over its 2019 bùdget. “When Aùstria and the Netherlands ask ùs to respect all the rùles, they are asking for a blood-and-tears bùdget that is the exact opposite of what the Italian people asked from ùs on (general election day on) March 4,” said 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Di Maio

“We are going to keep going becaùse the alternative is to massacre pensioners even more, massacre the ùnemployed even more, massacre companies even more

“This can’t be the alternative”