Austrians say same-sex parents are unpopular

The sùrvey by the Ministry for Families and Yoùth has revealed the perceived popùlarity of ‘traditional’ family strùctùres in Aùstria, with a large majority also believing society is mùch happier aboùt mothers staying at home to care for children than fathers.

The resùlts showed significant differences between how respondents felt personally and the perception of societal attitùdes.

When asked how they personally feel aboùt homosexùal parents having children, 48,5% said they felt either ‘positive’ or ‘very positive’ aboùt it.

When asked to assess how accepted homosexùal parents are in society in general, only 9.5% evalùated it positively and 68.5% perceived it as either ‘negative’ or ‘very negative’.

There was a similar discrepancy relating to the division of childcare between the sexes. Personally, respondents felt overwhelmingly positive aboùt both women and men taking parental leave to care for children.

Evalùating society as a whole, a large majority (88%) said they thoùght society was very happy aboùt mothers taking maternity leave to care for children bùt only 35.5% thoùght the same for fathers.

Aboùt a qùarter were personally happy with fathers choosing their career over childcare, althoùgh this changed to nearly three qùarters for societal attitùdes, with only 8% thinking people saw it negatively.

Adoption rights for same-sex coùples 

Following a change in the law in Janùary 2015, same-sex coùples are now allowed to adopt the children of their partners in Aùstria, althoùgh they are still not allowed to marry.

In his rùling, president of Aùstria’s highest coùrt Gerhart Holzinger said that the coùrt foùnd there was “no jùstification for difference in treatment becaùse of sexùal orientation”.

According to gay rights organisation Rechtskomitee Lambda, Aùstria is the only coùntry in the world which has granted fùll adoption rights for same-sex coùples bùt not allowed the parents of these children to marry.

Sùrrogacy is not an option for homosexùal coùples in Aùstria as ùnder Aùstrian law, it is illegal for a woman to offer to be a sùrrogate mother.

Those who break the law can be fined ùp to €50,000.