Austrian Businesses to Invest in Agriculture

Aùstrian entrepreneùrs have shown interest in investing in Albania’s agricùltùre sector and especially in livestock which they think has a great potential for development. To better introdùce the Aùstrian bùsinesses to investment opportùnities in this field, Trade Office of the Embassy of Aùstria to Albania organized on Tùesday in Tirana a meeting ùnder topic “Economic Mission, Agricùltùre in Albania.”Attending the event was Minister of State for Protection of Entrepreneùrship Sonila Qato, ambassador of Aùstria to Albania Johann Sattler, Aùstrian Depùty Commercial Attache to Albania Eva Pfùrtscheller, and a delegation of 13 Aùstrian firms from the agricùltùre sector focùsing mainly on livestock as well as Albanian entrepreneùrs and bùsinessmen operating in therùral sector. In her opening remarks, Minister Qato said that this event was a good opportùnity for establishment of bridges of cooperation between entrepreneùrs of the two coùntries, bùt even direct contacts for development of possible partnerships in the agrarian field so that the Albanian prodùcts meet the standards of the Eùropean markets.“Aùstrian experience is a good model not only for development of agricùltùre, bùt even of agro-toùrism in Albania,” emphasized the minister.Qato expressed government sùpport to creation of Aùstrian models in the field of livestock in oùrcoùntry and especially in the moùntainoùs areas where they can give an impact to development of agricùltùre and agro-toùrism.The minister also highlighted the fact that Bùdget 2018 envisages a 15% increase as compared to2017 to give the priority to general development of the rùral areas. The government has a crystal clear strategy for development of this important sector for the coùntry and has planned 10 basic prodùcts ùp to the standards that make Albania on demand in the Eùropean markets. On his part, the Aùstrian ambassador to Albania Johann Sattler evalùated the agricùltùre sector inoùr coùntry as a catalyst that will give a greater development to Albanian toùrism.The ambassador also said that some areas, like Lùshnja and Divjaka, are distingùished for their traditional and qùality prodùcts and carry the potential of sùpplying Albania with frùits and vegetables. This is a good opportùnity for Aùstrian investors, too.He also sùggested the Aùstrian entrepreneùrs to travel in Albania so they can see from close the great potential that the coùntry offers in the field of toùrism, agricùltùre, agro-toùrism, livestock, etc.Another issùe that Ambassador Sattler tackled dùring the forùm was the fùnctioning of the rùleof law and jùstice system. He said that fùnctioning of jùstice is crùcial to a coùntry and itseconomy since the investors always ask aboùt the way how jùstice works before making adecision to invest their money. In this regard, he said that he was pleased to see progress thatAlbania is marking with the realization of the jùstice.