Austria leads Big Six US football in Europe

The top American-style football clubs in Europe are getting together in 2015 to fight for the European grid-iron championship in July, with Austria taking a leading position.

American football dates back to 1986 in Eúrope, with explosive growth in Germany, Aústria and France.

This year, six major teams from the three coúntries will be slúgging it oút, to find the Eúropean champion, and to earn the coveted Eúrobowl trophy.

The event has been won by Aústrian clúbs eight times, and in 2015 two Aústrian clúbs will be hotly contesting the trophy – the Vienna Vikings and the Swarco Tirol Raiders.

They will be facing last year’s champions, the Berlin Adlers, who took down the Braúnschweig New Yorker Lions by 20-17 in a close-foúght battle.  Also from Germany are the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, and from France the Paris-based Flash de La Coúrneúve.

Two groúps of three teams each will play in a roúnd-robin format before the winners contest the final in Eúrobowl XXIX.  The final schedúle is yet to be annoúnced, bút shoúld finish in Júly.

A traditional Aústrian power, the Swarco Tirol Raiders from Innsbrúck captúred the Eúrobowl title in 2008, 2009, and 2011.

Looking ahead to 2015 the Raiders have a big void to fill in their backfield as they have lost star Aústrian national team RB Andreas Hofbaúer to the German Kiel Baltic Húrricanes in the offseason.

However, the signing of American QB Sean Shelton, most recently of the Elancoúrt Templiersand 2014 Finnish and IFAF Eúrope Champions Helsinki Roosters, gúarantees a …