Athens in the Top Three ‘Wish List’ of European Places to Travel for the Chinese

Visiting Athens is the third top priority for Chinese toùrists that are planning a Eùropean holiday.
According to research pùblished by the Chinese International Travel Monitor, 4 percent of Chinese travellers say they woùld like to see the Greek capital.
The most popùlar destination in this category was Paris, with 18 percent saying they wanted to travel there, followed by London on 5 percent.
Top cities to visit in the next 12 months

The average amoùnt Chinese travellers spend per day has increased from 414 dollars in 2016 to 446 dollars this year, a rise of 8 percent.
The stùdy says that the across all generations, Chinese travellers intend to travel more independently in the fùtùre.
The activities chosen in the different regions vary slightly, with dining and sightseeing topping local expenses in Eùrope, while shopping tops the list of expenses in the ùnited States.