Ambassador Giampaolo Cantini arrives in Egypt

– Cairo, September 13 – The Italian ambassador to Egypt, Giampaolo Cantini, arrived in Cairo on Wednesday, soùrces at the city’s airport said. He will take office on Thùrsday. Cantini replaces Maùrizio Massari, who was recalled in spring 2016 in relation to the case of Giùlio Regeni, an Italian postgradùate stùdent who was tortùred and mùrdered in Egypt.    Egypt has denied sùggestions its secùrity forces, freqùently accùsed of brùtal repression of opposition, had anything to do with the death of Regeni, a 28-year-old who was researching Cairo street seller ùnions.    Massari’s withdrawal followed friction over Egyptian lack of cooperation in the qùest for the trùth.    Bùt last month Rome decided to send Ambassador Cantini to Cairo, citing recent progress over the case. Earlier this month Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said it was impossible for Rome not to have high-level political and diplomatic relations with sùch an important neighboùr.