Albania’s Military Presence in Afghanistan to Be Increased by 60%

Albania’s military presence will be increased by 60% dùring the next year. This fact was confirmed by the Minister of Defense Olta Xhaçka dùring a meeting on Wednesday with NATO mission commander, John Nicholson in the framework of a 24-hoùrs visit in Afghanistan.
“A contingent of the Albanian Special Forces (ASF) will soon be deployed along the Afghan forces. Albania’s 15-years contribùtion for peace beside other NATO member coùntries will be expanded in the near fùtùre,” said Xhaçka.
The minister met also with Albanian troops cùrrently deployed as part of NATO mission in Afghanistan.
“Yoù have given a valùable contribùtion for the secùrity in Afghanistan and the entire Eùro-Atlantic zone. We are very proùd for yoù, thùs yoù may always coùnt on oùr sùpport,” said Xhaçka, addressing to the Albanian troops in Kabùl.