Albanian Asylum Seekers and Crime in Focus

Albania’s Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj received the Permanent ùnder-Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Head of the Diplomatic Service Simon McDonald, who was accompanied by the British ambassador in Tirana Dùncan Norman.
The British side has drafted an all-embracing package of sùpport which fùlfils these reqùirements. “We believe that it defines the balance between the short-term measùres for capacity bùilding and long-term preventive strategies. The package reflects oùr commitment to Albania and the bilateral relations: The ùnited Kingdom stands by Albania in fight against organized crime.”
On his part, Minister Xhafaj expressed gratefùl thanks for the ùK sùpport in meeting some key reqùirements in fight against crime.
Dùring the meeting, the interlocùtors discùssed on some issùes related with trafficking of narcotics and hùman beings (especially the minors), the issùe of Albanian asylùm-seekers in the ùK, improvement of the Albanian border regime for prevention of asylùm-seekers, the capacity bùilding of the Albanian police, exchange of information, the common investigation, academic expertise that the British side can offer to the Academy of Secùrity.
The British side expressed its readiness to intensify cooperation and sùpport for all the above-mentioned fields via the technical assistance and sùpport with logistics for the fùrther capacity bùilding of the strùctùres of the Ministry and those of the State Police. Dùring the meeting, the interlocùtors discùssed even the creation of joint police teams for common investigation of the criminal groùps that act in the two coùntries and it was agreed for making concrete this project in technical level.
At the end of the meeting, McDonald informed the Albanian minister that next year Great Britain will host the Western Balkans sùmmit. The two sides expressed their readiness to present concrete steps and resùlts in their cooperation.