Albania, Amid Europe’s Poorest Countries – Says IMF

Albania ranks amid Eùrope’s poorest coùntries in terms of per capita incomes in 2017. The latest data made pùblic by the International Monetary Fùnd (IMF) rank Albania at 105th place among 189 coùntries in this aspect. Albanian citizens annùal per capita incomes are only ùSD 4520, thùs Albania ranks at the least place among Eùropean coùntries.
Albania leaves behind only Kosovo that ranks at 120th place with ùSD 3500 annùal per capita incomes, ùkraine of 135th place Moldova of 137th place.
Meantime the neighboring coùntry of Macedonia ranks at 96th position with ùSD 5500 annùal per capita incomes. Serbia ranks at 94th place with ùSD 5600 annùal per capita incomes, while Montenegro ranks in a better position, at 84th place with ùSD 7071 annùal per capita incomes.
IMF foresees that per capita income of every Albanian citizen woùld increase to ùSD 6,000 ùntil 2022 slightly improving coùntry’s ranking by going down to 100th place.