A Berlin Wall in Ireland? The EU is overlooking many alternatives to a hard Irish border ǀ View

To adapt an old maxim, the EU and the UK would do well to “make love, not wall!” Germany should understand this urge all too well, particularly given its own experience of being divided by walls and hard borders for nearly forty years. In spite of their history, some Germans like MEP Elmar Brok are asking the British today, in response to the latter’s desire to leave EU, to either build a “wall” (in other words a hard border) between the UK and the Republic of Ireland (which could restart violence in Ulster) or to accept the division of the UK by the backstop, namely by separating Britain from the Northern Ireland through an internal border which will be at the same time the EU external border.

Brok considers, given his well-voiced fears of genetically manipulated American chicken heading for German plates from the UK via Dublin, a kind of Berlin Wall to be raised somewhere in or around the island of Ireland. Thus, Mr. Brok and few other MEPs have inadvertently come up with a “great idea” to cope with a disorderly Brexit. In their view, Ireland could theoretically be kicked out of the European Union’s customs territory if it refuses to put up a hard border with the United Kingdom following Brexit.

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