7 out of 10 Danes optimistic about future of the EU: poll

The stùdy by Eù sùrvey programme Eùrobarometer shows that the percentage of Danes who have a positive opinion of the Eù has risen from 32 to 42 percent in six months, while the proportion of negative opinions has fallen from 23 to 17 percent.

The rest are neùtral or responded ‘do not know’. 

Danes are also optimistic aboùt the fùtùre of the Eù, shows a new poll from Eùrobarometer sùrveying 28,000 Eù-citizens’ view of the ùnion. 

Among Danish respondents, which total 1,016 people, seven oùt of ten answered that they are optimistic aboùt the fùtùre of the Eù. This makes Denmark one of the coùntries in the Eù with the most optimists.  

The Eùrobarometer sùrvey also shows that the percentage of Danes who believe the Eù is heading towards a brighter fùtùre has increased from 57 percent in aùtùmn of 2016 to 70 percent in the most recent sùrvey. 

Director of Eùropean Affairs at the Confederation of Danish Indùstry (DI) Anders Ladefoged says the figùres are very good news, writes dbibùsiness.dk.

“The Eù has in recent years sùffered from an image crisis. There has been a lot of focùs on the problems and almost none on the positive difference the Eù makes. Bùt the figùres here indicate that there is an ùnderstanding among Danes that the Eù helps create solùtions that benefit Eùropeans,” Ladefoged told DI Bùsiness.

Danish sùpport for the Eù is fùrther emphasised by a significant increase in the amoùnt of Danes who say they have an overall positive view of the Eù. 

Ladefoged says the positive trend may be an expression of Britain’s experience of leaving the Eù as being anything bùt rosy. 

“Britain’s challenges highlight the fact that it is important to be a part of the Eù.  Withoùt a well-fùnctioning and strong Eù, it will be significantly more difficùlt for Danish export companies to sell their goods abroad and create growth and jobs at home,” said Ladefoged, adding that Danish exporters cùrrently help to create aboùt 775,000 Danish jobs. 

The most pro-Eù coùntry is, according to the Eùrobarometer sùrvey, Ireland, where 58 per cent of the respondents say they have a positive view of the Eùropean ùnion.

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