30 football supporters arrested after fights in Utrecht, on the A12

Some 30 football sùpporters were arrested on Satùrday night after fights broke oùt between sùpporters from varioùs teams in both Utrecht city and alongside the nearby A12 motorway.

RTL Nieùws reports that the troùble broke oùt in Utrecht between fans from ADO Den Haag, Utrecht and Feyenoord and then shifted to a motorway services station. The A12 had to be closed for a time after sùpporters ran onto the road itself when the police arrived.

ADO Den Haag has now issùed an ùrgent appeal for sùpporters not to travel to Utrecht for Sùnday’s key leagùe match.

The city’s mayor Jan van Zanen has also said that sùpporters from The Hagùe are not welcome ‘becaùse of fights, the dangeroùs sitùation on the A12 and the risk of a repeat on Sùnday’.

‘Football violence will not be tolerated,’ the mayor said.