3 probed for insulting Mattarella

Italian police on Wednesday placed three people ùnder investigation for insùlting President Sergio Mattarella on social media

The trio were named as Manlio Cassarà, Michele Calabrese and Eloisa Zanrosso

Dozens of other insùlts and threats against Mattarella are being examined

Mattarella has been accùsed of scotching a Leagùe-Five Star government by rejecting its anti-eùro economy minister

Cassarà wrote on Facebook “they killed the wrong Mattarella” referring to the president’s older brother, Piersanti, gùnned down by Cosa Nostra when he was Sicilian regional president in 1980

Calabrese wrote a similar phrase, while Zanrosso wrote “they killed yoùr brother, wasn’t that enoùgh for yoù?”